We work across industries and sectors, including the public sector, in the UK and internationally, directly with clients or in partnership.

Our software, and our people, have been proven in situations of intense commercial – and political – pressure. We offer exceptional depth of expertise and experience.


Commercial Partnerships

Our software adds value – in both functionality and outputs – to services provided by others. We are entrepreneurs, always interested in exploring opportunities. So we work in partnership with a number of other organisations, where our software both supports and enhances the services they provide.


For example, we are currently working with a partner that provides multiple services within complex healthcare environments.

Our data management software supports these services, providing a unified, flexible and scalable platform on which they operate. But it also enhances them, by allowing a huge range of data from multiple sources to be readily combined and interrogated. This makes our partner’s proposition more robust, more wide-reaching and more valuable.

For all partnership enquiries, please contact us.