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No need to replace your existing systems – our software can encompass and enhance what you already have.


Finworks software is comprehensive, advanced and fast. Accelerates digital transformation in any sector or industry. All Finworks' services are backed up by truly exceptional service.

We make game-changing software that opens up possibilities, from improving workflows and driving business processes to creating and interrogating vast data sets.

Key benefits

Rapid, highly efficient data and document processing

Automate, orchestrate or eliminate manual processes

Data transparency and analytics, for informed business decisions

Intelligent data management that learns with you

Flexible, agile. Fast to deploy​

Highly configurable, usually by users

Public or private cloud, or on premise

Government-standard audit and security


Finworks Data

Collect any quantity of data, structured or not, from any type of source. Make it manageable and usable. Interrogate that data at exceptional speed. Do this continuously, and automatically, with intelligence. Learn from your data and take informed action.

Data management software unlike anything that has gone before. Finworks Data transforms existing operations, and opens up whole new areas of opportunity.


Highly efficient, smart, automated data discovery

Massive query speed improvement over traditional SQL databases

Fast and simple to deploy and configure – adapts to existing systems

Public or private cloud – yours or ours – or on premise

Easy search and report creation

Configurable by users, with expert support available if required

Get the benefits of Spark/Hadoop without the need for specialist skills

Easy integration to other systems using open APIs

Easy interfacing to industry standard analytics and business intelligence tools

Comprehensive audit logging – secured to government standards

Finworks Workflow

Transformational workflow software. Finworks Workflow enables your people to be more effective, and drives efficiency across your organisation.

Map, analyse, optimise and drive workflows, processes and case management. Make collaboration easy and secure – internally and externally. See measurable commercial benefits, quickly. And do all of this alongside your existing processes and systems.


Substantial acceleration of operational processes and cost reduction

Supports agile process definition and deployment – test, learn, iterate

Highly configurable by business users; expert support available if required

Fast on-boarding; team experienced in rapid deployments

Can handle complex interactions with other systems and data sources

Powerful audit, work monitoring and review capabilities

Real-time reporting of process efficiency and cycle times

Well established for mission-critical deployments

Finworks Service

We build – and maintain – long-term partnerships. A collaborative culture is at the heart of our business, and we extend it to our customers.

Treating our customers’ requirements and issues as our own is at the heart of the exceptional service we provide. We create extraordinary software, and we want to help you do extraordinary things with it.

Service and support are provided by expert, highly experienced problem solvers

Initial service includes essential business analysis, installation and set-up assistance where required

Custom configuration is available if required

Full product training is available, but often not needed as our products are designed to be intuitive

Ongoing support is from dedicated, named individuals in our London office

All staff are highly skilled and experienced

Rapid response is available for urgent requirements

SLAs can be structured to work best for your business

And we like you to play an active role in shaping our product development


Technical Requirements

Accessing our products

We provide our products on a software as a service (SaaS) basis. In addition, our data management software is offered as an off-the-shelf product. The products only require a browser and internet connection for use. We support following browsers and their versions:

  • Chrome - 2 most recent major versions
  • Firefox - 2 most recent major versions
  • Edge - 2 most recent major versions
  • IE - 10, 11
  • IE Mobile – 11
  • Safari - 2 most recent major versions
  • iOS - 2 most recent major versions
  • Android X (10.0), Pie (9.0), Oreo (8.0), Nougat (7.0


Our software can be hosted in public or private cloud environments, or on premise. We can provide and manage the hosting environment or use a hosting environment provided by you.

Data Management Software - Underlying Architecture

Our business process management software solution is generally deployed on an underlying Microsoft technology stack that includes MS SQL Server, .NET, EF and Angular on client side.

Our data management software utilises Apache Spark and distributed or cloud file system, to achieve maximal performance. The system offers SQL interface to the data also interactive notebooks interface for building of custom dashboards and running custom Python or Scala analytics.

Data Management Software - Data Sources

Our data management software can work with data repositories including structured files, SQL and NoSQL databases.

Data Management software - SQL Query Acceleration

Our data management software can run MySQL and SQL92 compliant queries on any data source but executed on Spark for performance.


Security & Accreditations


Finworks is part of Fincore Ltd, which is accredited to the ISO 27001 information security management system standard and to the UK government endorsed Cyber Essentials scheme. The data centres we use are all ISO 27001 accredited.

Our infrastructure and software are subject to regular penetration testing by independent cyber security consultants accredited to the UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre’s CHECK scheme.


Other Accreditations

Finworks, as part of Fincore Ltd, is accredited to the ISO 9001 quality standard.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and an Oracle Gold Partner.

UK Government Standards & Frameworks


Finworks is experienced in working to UK government standards, including delivering public-facing web services on gov.uk that meet Government Digital Service (GDS) requirements.

The services we provide to government are subject to regular IT Health Checks, and we operate a private cloud for certain government customers that is accredited to hold sensitive data.

For government work, we can provide appropriately security-vetted teams.



Finworks products and associated services are available through G-Cloud, the UK Government digital marketplace.

We can also provide services through the Digital Outcomes & Specialists Framework.


Discover extraordinary

We provide extraordinary software and service, which enable our customers to continuously gather, manage, question and learn from all the data available to them - and make ongoing improvements to their businesses as a result.

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