CEO, and Director (Fincore)

Together with Predrag Popovic and a group of likeminded individuals – who had met each other at Nomura International – Soeren was involved in founding Fincore’s predecessor, Finsoft, in 1995. Before that, he held a variety of roles in investment banking, focusing on risk management and, latterly, on e-commerce.

Soeren is an inveterate problem solver, and his passion for mathmatics, and particular understanding of the mechanics of risk and random events, has resulted in Fincore’s software being designed and used to address a wide range of complex business challenges. He has overseen the growth and commercial success of Fincore, evolving the business from its starting point in IT professional services to offering a suite of off-the-shelf products on a software as a service basis.

Soeren holds an MSc in Mathematics and Physics from Aarhus University (Denmark) and an MS (Statistics) from UNC – Chapel Hill (USA), and a PhD in statistics and advanced probability from UNC – Chapel Hill.

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