• Derive value from business data and gain insights using Data Discovery

  • Easily incorporate data source types, including streaming data.

  • Develop robust data governance and self-service capabilities 

  • Implement an innovative data fabric solution that is flexible, scalable, and accessible

  • Benefit from Data Visualisation through Integration.

  • Apply machine learning to enable informed business decisions

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Finworks Data Management?

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How it's been implemented

Finworks currently model a universe of 650 million financial instruments for a major public European institution. The solution includes daily processes to update 2 million dynamic data sets and perform associated complex calculations. The system detects and reports on anomalies across 12 months of data history, comprising 780 million entries.


The implementation achieved a substantial improvement in both volume and quality of outputs that are produced close to real-time. The solution eliminated duplication of work across affiliates and departments. Reference instruments data is disseminated to all national banks, to Market Operations, other applications, and self-service users.

Data Analytics Maturity Model

Data management process, made simple.

Business-facing solution, removing the need

for specialist skills to implement, making it as easy as clicking a button.


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