Digital Transformation

Finworks has recently published articles related to Digital Transformation.

The articles center around how we view the digital ecosystem and how our data management and workflow management products add value. 

Our short LinkedIn article explores the results of Digital Transformation of services.

·  Leverage digital transformation to spark innovation and growth in your organisation. 

· Learn how to take a lead on digital transformation and craft your organisation's strategy, using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

· Drive continuous improvement using digital ecosystems’ inbuilt agility and flexibility to optimise surrounding business processes.

Open Access Government

We have published 2 out of a series of 4 articles for Open Access Government to give an in-depth perspective on Digital Transformation. 

In our first article, we describe the concept of the digital ecosystem and why this is important when achieving Digital Transformation.  

· Utilise digitised ecosystems and achieve support and transparency through their ability to provide fine-tuned assistance to users when they most need it.
·  Discover how to make data your most valuable asset
· Learn how to drive value from digitally integrated ecosystems while lowering cost and enable high – quality output.

Digital Transformation

Our second article discusses the importance of collaboration and configuration in strategic approaches to Digital Transformation. 
· Take a strategic approach in incorporating enhancements to your platform so it meets the needs of your customers.
·  Combine highly configurable platforms with other software in the digital ecosystem through interfaces.
· Learn how to enable transparent collaboration and automation of key processes.

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