The Finworks Health Continuing Health Care (CHC) digital platform is an end-to-end cloud-based solution.


The existing Continuing Health Care (CHC) assessment process is prone to delay, unclear and manually intensive relying on paper-based forms. The process includes different users and stakeholders from multiple organisations. Many Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) struggle to complete decision making in the required 28-day period.

Considerable distress to patients and families is caused by variation in patient and carer experience of CHC assessments, eligibility and appeals.  NHS England has created a strategic improvement programme for CHC which is underpinned by the need for digital transformation.


The Finworks Health CHC platform is compliant with the latest NHS England specification (the Continuing Healthcare Maturity Matrix) within a single, integrated solution.

Workflow logic that supports the delivery of the complete CHC assessment process is twinned with a case management system, to enable efficient digital administration of patient information, budgets and care plans.

The system is highly flexible and entirely configurable to the needs of the CHC team and is optimised to the different users and stakeholders.

Supports the full CHC assessment process including Checklist, Decision Support Tool, Panel Review, Fast Track, Funded Nursing Care and Appeals

Complete case management with a single online view

Secure and robust platform, fully audited actions, meeting NHS Information Governance and Data Security and Protection Toolkit standards

Workflow alerts and logic to drive the assessment process forward

Role-based and customisable per organisation and individual

Comprehensive management reporting suite including interactive dashboards

Standard and customised letter generation

Supports three-, six- and twelve-month reviews 

Offers multiple APIs to support integration with a range of NHS and third-party systems


Our solution is built on top of the Finworks’ CBPm Workflow platform, which has a proven success in delivering efficiency gains across a wide range of sectors.

The Finworks Health CHC platform provides benefits ensuring consistency of how users perform a process, improving the efficiency of the management of the process and ensuring transparency about what is happening by whom and during what timescales.

Intuitive and easy to use interface

Workflow drives process efficiency and consistency

Single point of access for CHC referrals and a single data repository drive faster eligibility decisions

Improved delivery of 28-day standard

Scheduling functionality brings significant improvement in clinical assessment and resource utilisation

Cloud-based design supports mobile working via smartphone, laptop, tablet

Dynamic audit function provides transparency and helps organisations avoid bottlenecks



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