Our client is a leading manufacturer of satellites and satellite systems for global markets.


With many thousands of components going into each satellite, manufactured and supplied by thousands of suppliers, processes were complex and inefficient. It was difficult and time-consuming to track orders, delivery and payments across various systems and approaches. Data was transferred by email, CD and even post.

Quality assurance was a major issue as well. Multiple departments are involved and internal collaboration was difficult and therefore slow. External communication was manual, time-consuming and frustrating for all parties.


Finworks Workflow now powers a standardised set of processes spanning all departments involved in the design and procurement of components, with secure access and automated notifications for external suppliers, and streamlined processes for reviewing and approving designs.

The client can monitor progress using sophisticated, but easy-to-use dashboards, which they can also self-configure. Quality assurance is tightly integrated into all processes.

The client does not train its staff to use the workflow system. They say it is intuitive enough for people to use it without training.


30% average component delivery cycle time reduction compared to previous best-ever cycle.

Client comment

“The ease and speed of implementing new data structures on Finworks, combined with the ease of automatically importing data from external systems, made it the logical choice for our internal management information system.”